6 Tips for Creating and Utilizing Worship Slides

When technology is done well in a worship setting it can enhance a worshiper’s experience of God.  When technology is not done well it can distract. One way to enhance instead of distract is to ensure you have great worship slides  Here are six ways for making your worship slides great.


  1. Make them bright and crisp. Ensure the slides created are appropriate colors with the text color easy to read on the background color. Think about font choice as well.  Now is probably not the time to be experimenting with new fonts with scripts. Equipment wise- make sure your projector is throwing off enough lumens that your picture is crisp. Make the investment in a good projector, it will be worth it.
  2. Make them visible. While churches are sometimes limited by the constraints of church architecture, do your best to make your slides visible. A center screen is best or two side screens. Make the screens large enough. Ensure when everyone stands up to sing the persons in the back can still see the screen.
  3. Limit the words. Less is more when it comes to the number of words on a screen. When less words are used the font can be bigger.  The rule of thumb I have tried to stick by is no more than four lines per slide.
  4. Limit the busyness.  Adding pictures to slides with text can be effective but be certain to not make it too busy. Again, less is more here. Think about how hard it is to read text on a slide when the background is a bustling city scape. If you must use such a background experiment with making it transparent.
  5. Ensure slides have meaning. Don’t just have slides to have slides but ensure they have a purpose and meaning. Too many slides and people stop paying attention.  Do you really need to tell people every part of the service they are experiencing?
  6. Preparation is key.  As the saying goes, “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.” Whatever presentation software you utilize ensure your slides are in the correct order. Check the timings. Look them over for silly spelling errors. In short, when it comes to these slides give God your best not your rushed.

What might you add to the list above?


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