How to Bless Your Community this Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a great time to bless your community as you celebrate the anticipation and arrival of the Christ child.  One way to do that is through a servant evangelism event called “It Stinks to Work on Christmas Eve.”

iStock_000013630346XSmallThe basic gist of it is that persons from your church bring baked goods to Christmas Eve Service and these gifts are delivered to people who work on Christmas Eve- hospital workers, convenience store clerks, fire and rescue, police departments, nursing homes and anyone else who is working. The goods are delivered with a small note that says “we know it stinks to work on Christmas Eve so we hope this small treats brings you some holiday cheer this Christmas Eve.”

Below are some of the logistics to make it happen at your church.

  • 4-6 weeks before Christmas Eve begin to publicize the outreach within the church. This is especially important for the first year you do the outreach because persons are just not sure what it is all about. Run the announcement in your worship program, make announcements, highlight it in your weekly html email, and print it in your monthly newsletter. Ask folks to sign up to bring items or just count on the fact that people will bring items and just deliver what you get. Also ask persons to sign up to deliver. Sometimes people both bake and deliver and they also sometimes do one but not the other.
  • During this same period if you want to expand the outreach and involve others in the community you can solicit local businesses for baked goods as well- bakeries, supermarkets, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.
  • Beforehand, it will be necessary to make a list of places to deliver: rescue squads, police stations, fire houses, convenience stores, nursing homes, hospitals, bars and any other place you can think of where one might be working on Christmas Eve. You will want to make some kind of label designating each location (a piece of paper that can be taped on the bake good so it is easily removable before delivery).
  • On Christmas Eve set up and staff with one person an “It Stinks to Work on Christmas Eve” table where baked goods can be delivered. The person would throw the location labels on the each baked good as they come in or during the Christmas Eve worship.
  • During Christmas Eve announce that if anybody wants to participate (even if they didn’t sign up) they can pick up an item and deliver it. Just stop by the “It Stinks to Work on Christmas Eve” table. Have the same or a different person at the table after the service to hand out the items and give directions to places if need be, though most people will be familiar with the locations.
  • You won’t have any trouble getting items delivered. Parents appreciate delivering the items with children and children and adults are reminded that just as God gave us salvation in the Christ child so these small goodies are given in love.

It really is not a hard outreach. It is fun and can be accomplished with little difficulty.

In the interest of full disclosure I shamelessly stole the idea for the furtherance of the Kingdom from Steve Sjogren’s book “Irresistible Evangelism.”

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2 thoughts on “How to Bless Your Community this Christmas Eve

  1. I love this idea. It has appeared often in my comment field as well.

    Other churches might do some kind of memorial service for those like me who are passing holidays for the first few times after the death of a loved one.


  2. Thanks for your comment Chris! The memorial service is a great way to bless the community as well. I have seen it called a “Longest Night Service” and be held on December 21st or a “Blue Christmas Service.” I have seen the Longest Night Service also be centered around prayer and support regarding mental illness issues. I wonder if those services wouldn’t be better held outside the church (community center, library meeting room, school, etc.) to impact and bless more people?