If It Snows…Check Your Folks

Here in Virginia we get snow from time to time.  For example, this past week depending on where you were in the state you got from 1″ to 4″ or more.  Anytime there is a significant snow or any weather event for that matter it is a great opportunity to show genuine love and care for those in the church, especially the elderly.

iStock_000015465359SmallIn my first full time appointment as a fresh seminary grad, every time it snowed I would call the older persons in the church to check on them.  Because we were a small church this amounted to about ten calls which took 45 minutes to an hour.  I would simply call and say “I just wanted to check in with you to see how you made out in the snow?”  I then might have a brief conversation with them ensuring they had all they need such as medicines or food and that they had electricity.  These persons I would call loved that their pastor checked in on them.

The primary and most important reason to make such calls is because you genuinely love and care for your people.  But do you know by these and other loving actions toward those in your congregation you will win friends and supporters.  I always say that if you love people well they will look past a lot of other things we do not do so well (preaching, leading a study, or providing vision for the church).

When I left that small church, some of those people I had called mentioned while we celebrated our ministry together how much these simple three minute phone calls meant to them.  In our day of “hi tech” ministry we can never forget the importance of “hi touch” ministry.  So, if you are in a small or medium sized church consider calling your folks after the next storm.  They will be glad you did.

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