Take Egg Hunt on the Road

I like to say that there is nothing done inside the church that can’t be better done outside the four walls of the church.  This is true of so many things but especially about egg hunts sponsored by churches.  Egg hunts represent a wonderful opportunity to interact with the community.

Many churches are content though to just have their egg hunt on the church lawn.  Yes, many will put out a banner advertising the event to the community, put the event in the church section of the newspaper (only read by other Christians btw), or maybe even pass out some door hangers.  This is well meaning.  What usually happens is that all the kids whose parents already attend the church have a wonderful time at this event.  Maybe even a few guests from the community come out as well.

EggWhat if…instead of doing the egg hunt on the church grounds the church took the egg hunt on the road to a subdivision playing field, a local park or a community center and invited not only the kids whose parents went to that church but everybody from that community.  It does take a bit more in the way of planning and logistics but now the church has the opportunity to bless and impact 200 more kids and their families than if they had settled for an egg hunt on the church lawn because many of these kids would never have come to the church location but will come when the event is in their neighborhood.  It is called being incarnational or “sent outside the church.”

Be sure to give something away to bless people when they leave whether it be candy or a small craft for home with an invite to Easter worship.  Collect attendee information through a give away that persons have to register for and where you have a check box on the registration “Is it OK to send you information about our church?”  Then follow up.

Most importantly, bless your community. 

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