Take VBS on the Road

Back around Easter time I wrote about the advantages to taking the church Easter Egg Hunt on the road and off campus.  A church can do the same with Vacation Bible School.

iStock_000009407723SmallWhy not consider holding your regular Vacation Bible School at the public park, at the subdivision common area, a community building or some other public place so that you might reach more children and families with the important message of God’s love? Yes, it will take some logistical maneuvering, your decoration won’t be as ornate, and you will have to get permission from some entity- but the opportunity to make a greater impact is worth it.

Parents in your community are looking for something constructive for their children to do in the summer.  VBS is one of those things that parents would love to send their kids.  What a great way to begin to forge relationships with persons who may never darken the door of your church even for VBS.

As with your regular VBS, follow up with your VBS attendees.  Invite them to worship, invite them to the next children’s program, invite them to the next mission event.  And, consider going back with a follow up activity or back to the same neighborhood the next year.

There is nothing (okay, very little) that can be done better inside the church than outside (including VBS).

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