Praying for Divine Appointments

Are You Praying for Divine Appointments?

Many of us have different appointments we must keep. We set appointments with the hairdresser, the doctor and dentist, the auto repair shop and a multitude of others with whom we do business. But, have you ever prayed for a divine appointment?iStock_000018819495Large

A divine appointment is the person that God brings into your life for a minute, a day or a lifetime. In the course of our lives God bring many people across our path calling us to speak a word of encouragement, help them with a need, or share our faith. These are called divine appointments- God given opportunities to minister to others.

We might begin to pray for such divine appointments but let’s not stop there. As you pray for God’s divine appointments to happen pray for your eyes to be opened to see who it is God is bringing before you. Pray for boldness and courage to help or speak to that person. Consider praying for these divine appointments on a daily basis and then watch how God wonderfully works to bring just the right people in your life.

By praying for divine appointments and seeking to demonstrate Christian love to those God brings across your path, you will be sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Let’s all start praying for some divine appointments.

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