Why Your Church Should Never Have Enough Money

Much time is spent in church talking about money problems.  Usually it is about not having enough money.  This is usually caused by a lack of vision, a decrease in attendance, or no clear emphasis on stewardship (Jesus talked more about money and possessions than heaven and hell combined) to name a few.

yay-783478Those are all things that can be remedied.  I believe though that beyond these things the church should never have enough money for another reason.  If you have enough money as a church to fund your vision then your vision is too small.  I believe that vision should always outpace financing.

I once heard that every pastor should keep in his or her desk a rough architectural sketch of future building expansion in case a large donor comes and offers a large gift and asks “where can it best be used?”  Of course, vision is not primarily about buildings but what about keeping a plan and vision for an after-school tutoring program, or a vision to provide housing for unwed teen mothers or a vision to plant 250 churches in 30 years?

In the end, if you have funded your vision it is time to ask God for a newer and more bold and ambitious vision for God’s glory.  When we do this we make a statement of faith and claim the promise that God is indeed able to far more than we can even ask or imagine.

So, I hope your church never has enough money!  Not because of a lack of vision, or attendance issues or because leadership refuses to talk about giving.  I hope you never have enough money because God has given you a vision so large that without God’s help it cannot be accomplished.

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