5 Benefits to Utilizing an HTML Email

One great way for churches to keep lines of communication open with those who attend regularly is by utilizing an HTML email.  HTML emails allow for graphics, vibrant colors, videos and links and an overall better design than a plain text email.  HTML emails are easy to do week in and week out and do not require huge amounts of time once they are set up.  You don’t need to know any code.  As long as you can cut and paste you are good to go.yay-7595576

There are a number of benefits to utilizing an HTML.  Here are five of them.

  1. The first benefit to an HTML email is its cheap.  Most companies that you will use to set up your HTML email will give you up to 500 free email addresses before they start charging you.  If you are able to replace your printed newsletter with an HTML email you will save on paper, on stamps, on bulk rate permit costs, and volunteer time.
  2. The HTML email offers more opportunities for persons to engage.  Let’s say you are starting a new class.  You can easily write about the new class in your HTML email and put a link in to a sign up so persons can sign up from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.  You can link to free sign up sheets from Google.
  3. The HTML email keeps people connected.  Let’s say someone misses on Sunday.  On Monday they receive an email from the church with up to the moment news, with a link to Sunday’s sermon, and with an opportunity to give through online giving.  The HTML email helps to prevent people from falling through the cracks.
  4. The HTML email list can also be used to highlight other special events or ministries.  Snow cancellations, church picnic, or Easter Egg hunts are great to send out under a separate cover.  Be careful here to use the list wisely.  You do not want to go and send too many emails and needlessly fill up peoples’ inboxes.
  5. Lastly, and probably most importantly use of the HTML email enhances communication.  It is one more way to communicate.  Some people can read it in the church bulletin and get it.  Some can hear it in an announcement and get it.  This is just one more way for people to “get it” and create a way for people to be “in the know.”

In my experience, I have used both Constant Contact and MailChimp to generate HTML emails.  They were both great.  Just do a Google search for “HTML Templates” and you will find plenty of companies.

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