Celebrating Gospel Impact

Human beings seem to be wired to focus on what has not gone well or what needs improvement while giving scant attention to what has gone well.  This happens in every organization including the local church.

yay-12595754Celebrating the win in the church is important to testifying to the power of God working in the midst of the congregation and it helps the church see how its mission is being lived out.  In both leading churches myself and in visiting many local churches, I have found that churches do not celebrate nearly enough the Gospel Impact occurring in the church.

Bryan Rose, writing about leading change in the church, writes

Effective church leaders tell stories of Gospel impact and Christ-centered transformation, while pointing ahead to the next sunrise God is preparing.

Telling the stories of Gospel impact and Christ-centered transformation are critical to casting a compelling vision for the church and keeping the church aligned to such a vision.  A story about a husband who lost his wife and was left raising three kids on his own but discovered Christ and community at your church is a story of Gospel transformation.  A video testimony from three youth that went on the youth mission trip and how they were changed in the midst of such a mission is a story of Christ-centered transformation.  The person who moved this year from tipping to tithing, the person who found strength to deal with an addiction because of their small group, or the family who successfully transitioned from living in a motel to living in permanent housing all represent stories of Gospel impact and Christ-centered transformation.

Telling these stories with creativity testifies to the power and work of Christ in the world, the community and your church.  When people see the difference Jesus makes and the difference that followers of Jesus can make then they volunteer more, they give more, they invite their neighbors more, they participate more.

How are you telling stories of Gospel impact and Christ-centered transformation to point ahead to the next sunrise God is preparing?

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