Making the Most Out of Quarterly Giving Letters

Stewardship is intended to be an ongoing emphasis in the church.  For too many churches, the annual stewardship drive is seasonal and only brought before the church once a year.  When this happens the church misses a great opportunity to teach throughout the year about stewardship.

yay-16067444One of the many ways to connect with church members and attendees is through a quarterly giving statement and letter.  This is a typed and hand signed thank you letter sent out to regular givers to the church.  This letter can be used to highlight how ministry dollars are being used to make an impact.

It is important to not use this quarterly giving letters to remind people about their pledges. 

I would suggest you consider doing away with the pledge as they are unreliable for budgeting and the pledge itself appeals mostly to an older generation who values institutional loyalty.

It is important to include how giving dollars are being used to transform lives, make a difference in the community, spread the Gospel or result in some other exciting ministry.  Here are some ideas to include in your next letter:

  • A brief youth testimony
  • A report on Vacation Bible School
  • A brief report from the church sponsored missionary
  • The story of the baptism you celebrated last Sunday
  • Number of people served through a food pantry, thrift store, or other church sponsored outreach

What other things would you include in a quarterly giving letter?

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