Links for Leaders

????????Here are some links to help you grow in your leadership.

It is not too late to set some goals and make some changes to realize greater productivity and effectiveness in 2018. Bill Tenny-Brittian gives us “5 ½ practices” for a successful year in ministry.

Let’s face it, with the many choices persons have, the church better offer great hospitality if they want to advance the Gospel. Jason Vernon gives some ways to help people feel welcome before they even hear the opening hymn/ song in the service.

One of the hardest parts of ministry is watching people leave the church. Whether they leave for a reason you know about or if they vanish with no explanation, it still stinks.  How do you deal with it? Rod Edmonson gives five suggestions to help us out.

Websites and social media platforms are the gateway to our church’s. There are certain must haves. Justin Lathrop shares five features for effective church websites.

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