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I am Robb Almy and I have created ChurchIngenuity.com to equip clergy and churches for excellence in ministry.  I started ChurchIngenuity.Com because I have a passion to see clergy and churches equipped to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  This passion flows from my conviction that even after 2000 plus years Jesus Christ remains the hope of the world and the church remains Christ’s primary vehicle to offer salvation to the world.  As followers of Jesus we have been given the greatest message ever given to humankind (the good news of the Gospel).  To not share that good news with excellence, excitement, relevance and passion is short of Christ’s intention for his church.  My hope and prayer is that in some small way ChurchIngenuity.Com might help clergy and churches present this life changing, community changing, world changing message of God’s love made known in Christ to the communities we serve.

I was ordained an elder in 2004 in the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church, and I have served small rural churches, suburban churches, mid-sized churches, been a church planter, and currently serve as the Associate Pastor of Fredericksburg United Methodist Church, a large downtown church.  I certainly don’t know it all, but I have learned some along the way through both good times in ministry and difficult times, and I hope I can share my learning to help clergy and churches become vital congregations.

I have been married to my lovely and beautiful wife Diana for 16 years and we have four wonderful children (Robert-14, Jack-12, Nolan-9, and Phoebe-6).  We make our home in Fredericksburg, VA.almyfamily

In addition to sharing resources through ChurchIngenuity.Com I help to manage our family’s real estate investment properties and am a licensed realtor in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  My wife Diana and I also own a bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg called Braehead Manor, an 1859 home that was a witness to the Battles of Fredericksburg and where General Lee took breakfast the morning of the 1st Battle of Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862. In my spare time I enjoy exercise (strength training), NASCAR racing and the Boston Red Sox.

Again, thanks for stopping by ChurchIngenuity.Com.  I hope you will find something useful for your ministry.  Please take and share with others the resources here to the end that God’s kingdom might be expanded.  All that I ask is that you give proper attribution, link backs, and tell a friend about ChurchIngenuity.Com.  Blessings on your ministry!

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