Back to School- 5 Ways to Bless Your Community

Children have either returned to school or will return to school shortly.  Now is a great time to be a blessing to your community by supporting local schools and building relationships with administrators, teachers, staff and students.  Below are five ideas that can help you be a blessing.

Back to school1.  Hold a School Appreciation Sunday.  Plan a special worship service around the start of the school year.  During the service the pastor may preach a special message around the new school year that is encouraging and Christ centered.  There may be a special time of blessing for teachers, administrators, staff and students.  You may give a gift to each of these.  Perhaps you invite children to bring their backpacks for a special blessing of the backpacks.  To this service, you invite all the teachers, administrators, staff and students.  Start early in inviting.  Equip your people to invite by producing some postcard sized invites they can hand out.  Send letters, emails and make calls to the local schools in your area.

2.  Pray for your schools.  You will certainly be praying if you do a School Appreciation Sunday but go the next step.  Consider setting up a system whereby students are matched up with others in the church and students are prayed for and encouraged throughout the year with cards.  Obviously, you will want to get parents’ permission to do this.  Likewise, you can match up prayer warriors with teachers, administrators or staff.

3.  Go meet your principal.  While this is their busy time and you will want to wait and while they are busy at other times too, make a point even if it is just a quick introduction to go and meet with the principals of the schools in your area offering to be of assistance as they need.  If they will meet for half and hour that is great then you can pick their minds about needs they see in the community. And while you are visiting the principal, bring some Krispy Kreme donuts to the front office staff as they will be your entry to see the principal and serve as gatekeepers.  Continue to bring donuts or some other treat once a month just  to be a blessing.

4.  Hold a school supply drive.  Let’s face it some parents can’t or for some unknown reason do not have the parenting skills to send their kids to school with proper supplies.  Teachers often pay for this out of their pocket.  Go see the guidance counselor and ask them what items are needed most.  You may go so far as to adopt a classroom of the year providing the supplies needed.

5.  Hold a back to school lunch for teachers, administrators, and staff.  It may be their is an in-service day where they will be all together.  It may be that you have to drop something off and the teachers graze at different times on their lunch.  Chick Fil A is a good option here.  Also, I have discovered teachers are just like preachers- most of them love chocolate anything.

What are some other ways the church can be a blessing at the beginning and throughout the school year?