Podcast Episode #003 Preparing for Christmas Eve



Christmas Eve will be here before you know it.  It has been said that 16% of the population attend worship on any Sunday in the US.  On Christmas Eve, 46% of persons in the US will attend worship.  This represents a great opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  In this podcast we explore how to prepare before your Christmas Eve Service, how to prepare for the service(s), and how to prepare for follow up.  Go to the podcast page to download today.

{Podcast 001} Creating a Culture of Invitation

It is a well known statistic that over 80% of people (or higher) come to the church for the first time on the arm of a friend, relative, co-worker or neighbor.  If this is true, then our churches and their leaders must be doing their best to instill a culture of invitation.  In this episode of the ChurchIngenuity.Com Podcast, I share five ways churches can begin to instill such a culture of invitation.

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These five ways are as follows:

1. Model It!
Pastor, staff and church leaders must themselves invite and tell their stories of how they invited.

2. Give your folks something to give out.
This could be message series specific invite cards or general invite cards to your church or CDs.

3. Link invitation to prayer.
Prayer is an integral part of creating a culture of invitation.

4. Spread some word of mouse.
Utilize Facebook, Twitter and HTML emails to help people invite.

5. Don’t Disappoint.
If your lay people are sticking their neck out to invite, make sure you are providing a quality worship experience.


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