Services offers coaching and consultation services for local churches, Districts, Annual Conferences and individuals.  Additionally, offers workshops for local churches and judicatories and’s director is avaialble for speaking engagements including pulpit supply. Fees for services are based on a sliding scale depending on a local church’s budget and the church’s ability to pay in order to make the ministry of available to the most people. Please contact Robb Almy, Director, to schedule coaching, consultation, workshops or preaching and speaking engagements.

Coaching and Consultation

Coaching and consultation can be onsite or over the telephone or via skype. It can be one time or ongoing, in a group or one on one. Areas a church might consider utilizing the services of for coaching and consultation might include:
—Worship Evaluation and Planning
—Discovering and Sharing a Church-wide vision
—Hospitality- Mystery Guest Audit
—Stewardship Planning
—Breaking Your Church’s Next Growth Barrier
—Starting a New Worship Service
—Beginning a New Faith Community
—Preparing for Transition in Leadership
—Website Evaluation
And more!

Workshops also offers workshops to meet the needs of the local church. Workshops can be tailored to be half day, full day or two days in length. Multiple workshops can be held over a day or two day period if a church chooses. Examples of training workshops include:

—How to Engage in Servant Evangelism
—Creating a Culture of Welcome and Hospitality in the Church
—Recruiting, Training, Deploying and Thanking Volunteers
—Money Talks- Creating an Abundance Mentality in the Local Church
—Communicating with Clarity- an Exploration of Communication Strategies for Churches
—How to Become a Praying Church
—Developing an Evangelism Strategy
And more!

Robb Almy, Director of is available for speaking engagements including:
—Pulpit Supply
—Keynotes for Conferences and Training Seminars

To learn more or speak with Robb about coaching and consultation, workshops or to have Robb speak at your church please contact Robb here.

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